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English translation Christmas girl di Aura


Tube Penguins: Yoka - Tube Girl: [email protected]


english version - Translation by Mina - 7.12.2019
Here you find the original of this tutorial:

The tutorial is owned by ŠAura
the Štranslation is my work
Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

A special thanks
to the Tubers who, with their effort, often unrecognized,
allow us to make our works.
The copyright belongs to the original artist.

Supplies required:
1 Christmas background - a mist landscape - tubes - mask
- tube original tutorial : Mina (not included)
- background by Tinnad

Download supplies here

Mura's seamless

DSB flux
Alien skin nature

Many thanks to Pinuccia Maidiregrafica for permission to use her filter page


Clic and move the red arrow to follow the tutorial.


You can change Blend Modes and opacity of the layer, according to your colors.

Unzip supplies
Put the JC-022 texture in the PSP texture folder;
install the filters in your PSP Plugins folder.
Open all images with PSP, duplicate them and close the originals.
Never work with original images.
Save your work often in case of problems with your psp
This tutorial was translated with Corel X18,
but it can also be made using other versions of PSP.

The results might be slightly different according to the version of PSP you use

Step 1

Open a new transparent image 900 x 600 pixels
Flood Fill with a red color of your choice.
I used #c00000
Effects/Texture effects> texture> JC_022

Open Tubes mistedNoel Tinnad (1) -
go back to your work
edit /paste as a new layer

with the Pick Tool - "K" key on the keyboard
trie to enlarge it as much as possible.
"M" key to deselect

Layers> new raster layer
Flood Fill with color white
Layers - New mask layer from image
choose BflyFlbyMask55
Layers/merge/merge group

Filter / user defined filters /emboss 3
Then Filters /muRa's seamless / emboss and alpha / default setting

Step 2

With the Selection Tool / Point to point -

select the inside of the mask as follows:

Go below the mask layer.
Layers / New raster layer
Open your background and paste it as a new layer.
Place it as you wish.
Selections /Modify /Invert, press delete Key
Selections/ select none

Effects /Plugins /DSB effects flux / bright noise> mix

Effects / 3D effects / Drop shadow/color black

2 - 2 - 50 - 10 also in negative.


Step 3
activate the upper level - (the mask level)
Open the tube Albero Verde
Edit / Copy
Go back to your work
Edit/ paste as new layer
overlap it with the white one as follows:

Selections/ select all /
Layer/load-save mask/load mask from disk/mask 2020
Layers/merge/merge group
Selections/select none

Effects/3D effects/drop shadow / color black as follows:

Repeat the drop shadow in negative.

Step 4

Open the tube Biglietto
Edit / Copy
Go back to your work
Edit/ paste as new layer
overwrite it on the white card
to the right as follows:

Effects/3D effects/drop shadow
same settings as before (positive and negative)

Open Tube Ghiaccio
Edit / Copy
Go back to your work: edit/paste as new layer
place it at the top as shown in the finished image

Effects/Plugins/Alien Skin Nature / snow drift as follows:

Layer/new raster layer
Activate the bottom layer (the background level)

With Freehand Selection Tool / point to point/feather 0/smoothing 0
create a shape as follows, but not necessarily the same

 Layers / new raster layer
Effects/Plugins/ Alien Skin Nature snow drift
Preset Large, Heavy accumulation as follows:

Selections / select none
Layers /Duplicate 3 times
 Layers/merge / merge down 3 times.

Layers/Arrange/Bring to top
Effects/3D effects/Drop shadow / color white

Place your tubes
write a word of good wishes on the ticket
Effects/3D effects / Drop shadow as you prefer

Step 5

If you want to do animation

If you want snow:
Activate the background layer under the mask Bfly

Selections / Select all, Selection float/defloat
Layers / New raster layer
Effects / Plugins / VDL snowflakes as follows

Rename this Layer  N1

Layers / New raster layer
Effects / Plugins / VDL snowflakes as follows
Change Random Seed to 5
Rename this layer N2

Layers / New raster layer
Effects / Plugins / VDL snowflakes as follows
Change Random Seed to 5
Rename this layer N2

Layers / New raster layer
Effects / Plugins / VDL snowflakes as follows
Change Random Seed to 10
Rename this layer N3

Selections/select none

Step 6

As you know if we add a border
the tag level becomes single.
We have three levels of snow.
How can we do?
The solutions are 2:
we use canvas size or we make the frame separately.
Let's try to make the frame separately.


Step 7

Open a new transparent image 900x600 pixels
Image add border 1 px red - symetric (my color #C00000)
Image /Add border 5 px white - symetric
Image /Add border 20 px red -symetric
Image /Add border 2 px white - symetric
Select the red border (20 px) with the magic wand (mode Add-shift/tolerance 0)

Step 8
Effects/Texture effects/Weave as follows:

Effects/plugins/User defined filter/emboss 3
Selections/select none

Layers/promote background layer
with the magic wand select the white interior of the frame.
Press Delete Key
Selections/select none
The frame is completed

Now what do we do?
The solutions are 2
we import it into the PSP frames folder,
we give it a name and then we take it from : Image/Picture Frame
we read what is the frame size as follows:

Go back to the your main work
Go to the top layer
Image/Canvas size

Layers/new raster layer

Selections/select all
Maximize your work Cornice (Frame)
go back to your main work: Edit/paste into selection
Selections/select none

With the magic wand, click in the center of the frame level to select it.

New raster layer
Effects /3D effects /cutout

Close the snow levels, the tubes and N1, N2, N3
Layers /merge/ merge visible.
Place the merged layer to the bottom.

Selections/select all

Selections/Modify/contract 28 px
Effects/Plugins/AAA FRAME /foto frame as follows:

Selections/select none

Sign your work or add your watermark to a new level

If you don't want to do the animation:
File / export / JPEG optimization


Step 9
let's go to Animation Shop

Open the tubes you closed earlier
Open N1 (N 2 and 3 are still closed)
Edit> copy special/copy merged
Open AS and paste as a new animation

Go Back to PSP, close N 1 and open N 2
Edit> copy special/copy merged

Go back to AS and paste after the current frame

Go Back to PSP, close N 2 and open N 3
Edit> copy special/copy merged

Go back to AS and paste after the current frame

In AS : Select all put as speed 20 and save as gif


I hope you enjoyed it

if you ran the tutorial, send an email to Aura.
She will insert it in the Works Gallery




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